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Which is simply another word for METAL DETECTING...

I've been metal detecting since January, 2002, and I've found loads of stuff: almost always interesting, and sometimes valuable. Going out with a metal detector is a bit like buying a ticket in a raffle with loads of prizes - you never know what you're going to get, but you're probably going to get something. I detect responsibly, i.e. show my finds to the landowners, and, when it's a valuable item such as a coin, give them 50% of the value. While I have found both gold and silver, I haven't yet found certifiable 'treasure', but I live in hopes. Somewhere out there is a hoard with my name on it - and I found it on July 26th, 2008!!!

Here are some (clickable) examples of things I' ve found:

The Collection is divided into two parts, 'coins' and 'artefacts'. The coins are mostly medieval 'hammered' sliver, or Roman, and the artefacts are, well, all kinds of things.

I love this hobby. I get to wander around in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, finding amazing stuff. It's hard to beat. Now I just have to train my collie to carry the spade...

The Stories are true accounts of really silly detecting trips and were published by The Searcher magazine on a monthly basis from mid-2004 until March 2006, when I decided I needed to concentrate on other things. The Cartoons just sort of happened along the way. Enjoy!

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