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Elizabeth 1st, 1558 - 1603

Elizabeth ended up with several wooden teeth and was completely bald - and yet she died unmarried and a virgin - amazing. Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she must have been extremely relieved when her half-sister Queen Mary died, as she was under house arrest at the time and had been living in fear for her life for several years. Usually considered one of the greatest monarchs in English history, her reign stabilized England after the religious fervour of her predecessors and is considered by many to have been a 'golden age' for global discovery (and plunder!) and literature. Important 'Elizabethans' included Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.


5th issue, 1601 - 1602, bust type 6b. Spink no. 2577

Sixpence, 1568

Third issue. Spink no. 2559

Sixpence, 1575

Third issue. Spink no. 2563

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Sixpence, 1579

This coin has been bent into a 'love token'. Fourth issue. Spink no. 2572


Threepence, 1562

(To read about the discovery of this coin, see 'Stupid Brothers 4')

Coins of Elizabeth usually have a weak portrait, but this is a very good example.
Spink no. 2565

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5th issue, 'bell' mint mark, 1582 - 1583. Spink no. 2579


5th issue, 'escallop' mint mark, 1584 - 1586. Spink no. 2579


6th issue, '2' mint mark, 1602. Spink no. 2579



5th issue, 1582 - 1600. Spink no. 2580

A lovely little coin, and a very welcome addition to my finds for 2005.

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