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Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy 1467-77

Charles the Bold has often been regarded as the last representative of the feudal spirit - a man who possessed no other quality than a blind bravery. He cannot however be said to have embodied chivalric notions, as did his father, for even by the standards of the time he apparently displayed unwanton acts of cruelty. In view of Charles' irrational behaviour in the last year or so of his life, it has even been suggested that he became mentally unstable.

He was killed at the battle of Nancy on January 5th 1477 following a miserable campaign against his various enemies - Archduke Sigismund of Austria, the Swiss and René II, Duke of Lorraine - all of whom had separate disputes with him!


Double patards of Flanders

These two coins were found in the same field but were at least two hundred yards apart. Therefore it seems extremely unlikely that they were anything other than casual losses, even though they are both in great condition and were stamped using the same dies. Several other coins have been found at the site, ranging from the time of Edward 1st to James 1st. This suggests that the area was settled for at least part of that period.

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