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Henry 7th, 1485 - 1509

The father of Henry VIII, Henry of Lancaster defeated Richard III (of York) at the Battle of Bosworth. According to the story, he was crowned right there on the battlefield as Henry VII, thus ending the War of the Roses. By the time he died he'd accumlated a fortune the size of which had never been seen before - through such expedient moves as declaring that he actually became King the day before the battle, therefore everyone who fought against him was a traitor and their possessions were forfeit to the Crown...

Groat, type3a

(To read about the discovery of this coin, see 'Stupid Brothers 3')

This groat, value 4 pence, was minted in the first few years of Henry's reign and was one of the last coins to show a full-face portrait of the monarch. A few years later a profile image was introduced, the design which has been used almost exclusively by every monarch since. It's a rare coin. Spink no. 2198


Penny, facing bust, type 2, 1487 - 89

Minted in Durham for Bishop Shirwood. Spink no. 2222

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