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Celtic coinage

Bronze stater, Durotriges tribe

Not an impressive find, but as I live in Dorset, home of the Durotriges, I have high hopes of adding to this page in the near future -hopefully with something gold!

The Durotriges seem to have been one of the more successful English tribes. Their coinage indicates growing prosperity, possibly through trade from the southern tip of Portland island, as it is found not only in gold and silver, common to most of the other British tribes, but also in bronze. Some have said that this indicates a decline in status, but it could also indicate a rise, as trade diversified and grew and it therefore became necessary to have smaller denominations of coins. For example, imagine trying to buy milk with a gold or sliver coin, when that was all there was available. How could anybody give you change?

Silver stater

At last (March 2007) I found a silver stater, also from the Durotriges. Probably somewhat debased silver, so from the latter end of the 50 BC - 50 AD period during which these were made. Unfortunately, I found this within the first 5 minutes of a detecting trip with a friend...in HIS field! Turned the air blue, he did.
Spink 366 or 367.

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