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King Henry 2nd, 1154 - 1189

'Tealby' penny

So-called after a hoard of nearly 5,000 coins was found near the village of Tealby in the early 1800's, this is a penny of Henry II and was made between 1158 and 1161. As there was silver shortage at the time of the Tealby find, most of the hoard was melted down in order to be re-minted, thus this is still a comparatively rare coin. It was minted by a moneyer called Elverdus Porrere, who worked for the abbot of St. Augustine's Abbey in Canterbury until 1161, when the 'priviledge' which allowed the Abbot to mint coins in the king's name was discontinued.

The art of minting coins had been all but lost by the time this one was made, which in fact shows very little sign of wear and is in extremely good condition. Typically they were very weakly struck, off-center, on unevely shaped silver flans.
Spink no. 1337A

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