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William 3rd , 1688 - 1702

Shilling, 1697

William and Mary (daughter of James II) reigned together from 1688 until Mary's death in 1694. William then continued as sole monarch until 1702, when he fell off his horse. His injuries were severe, and he died shortly afterwards.

While he was still on the throne (and also on his horse, presumably) an extensive re-coinage was undertaken in 1696 to replace the hammered coins still in circulation. After a short period in which the use of unclipped hammered coins was allowed to continue, provided they had been officially pierced in the centre, they were finally demonetized.

Unfortunately, this very nice coin has a lump of rust, or some other kind of corrosion, on the obverse. I have tried to remove it with a couple of solvents - EDTA and industrial-strength anti-scale, but have not yet been able to get rid it. Suggestions are welcomed.

William was succeeded by James II's second daughter, Anne. So far I have not found any coins from her reign...so I'll just have to keep looking!

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