Daggers, Swords and Spears...

Sword Mounts

The left-hand example is a 'sub rectangular, double loop, sword belt hanger'. It would have been one of a pair, and the scabbard would have hooked onto the loops at the bottom. The other two examples would have been riveted onto a belt, probably in threes, and the scabbard then hung from the (missing) hooks at their lower end. All are circa 1500-1600.


Arrowhead Fragment, possibly part of a Roman 'ballista'

This is probably Roman, but once again I'm still waiting for expert opinion on the matter. It was found in a small valley between two hills, both of which show the outlines of Celtic field systems, and other Roman finds have come from nearby. As the land is ploughed fairly regularly, I hope that other finds will show up in the future. The detail, showing the cross-section, also shows the end of the socket into which the shaft would have fitted.

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Bronze spear fragment

Medieval dagger blade

To read about the finding of this piece, see Stupid Brothers no. 14. It's clearly a dagger blade, and the site from which it came has yielded several hammered coins, buckles and other items.
When my detector tells me an object is probably iron, I don't usually bother to dig - but this was lying on the surface, right next to my foot!

Bronze chape

This is the bit that goes onto the end of a scabbard (in this case, for a dagger rather than a sword) so that the owner didn't keep getting poked with the sharp end. It's a clever bit of metalwork, and has been created from a single sheet.

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