Gold Ring no. 1

My first gold find! A plain wedding band, lost, or perhaps thrown with great force, depending on the circumstances! The hallmark dates it to 1829 during the reign of William IV. The maker's initials are 'WE', and it was made in Birmingham.

Gold Ring no. 2

And another...which, oddly enough, was also made in Birmingham by a maker with the initials 'WE'. This one is Victorian, and has a date mark for 1859. It was found about 10 miles from gold ring no. 1.

Bronze Ring

This could date from around 1150 - 1450 AD, or it might be Roman. However, it's unlikely to be from the period in between. Sadly the three stones which it held had fallen out by the time I got to it. There's a little bit of crude decorative work either side of the stone settings, and the whole thing is made of a copper alloy.

Three Roman / medieval rings

Conversely, these are probably Roman, though they could also date from around 1150 - 1450 AD. Two are brass, and the one in the centre is copper.

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